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The chakra system describes the energy centers that exist along the spinal column, each holding a specific kind of energy, emotion, color and sound. We can use our yoga and meditation practices in order to keep the energy flowing freely throughout these centers.

Today we will focus only on the first of the seven chakras, the root chakra (muladhara), located at the base of the spine. The color of this chakra is red, and we associate it with the earth element, as it energetically governs our stability, home and security. To balance this chakra we must allow ourselves to release our sense of fear so we may become more stable and supported. 

When this chakra is balanced, we feel a sense of security and comfort in our own body. But when our root is out of whack we may feel alienated from our sense of self, fearing change and possessing a strong attachment to material things or appearances. Here's a short guided meditation to bring your foundation into balance, focusing on the base of the spine.